Frankly, the sky’s the limit as we have a vast range of services that will be specifically tailored to your needs. It’s not rocket science. It’s about guaranteeing your products are where you need them when you need them to be there.

We get it, we understand that you need a partner that shares the same vision as you – your passion for your products will be matched by our passion for getting them out there, highly visible, ready for sale.

And that’s just the beginning; we are committed to getting the job done faster and more efficiently whilst you get on with driving your business further.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

And here’s how we do it:

Sparfacts offer a range of solutions that could include any, or a combination of the following - you choose which elements you need to complete your strategy.

Regular Programs
  • Versatile Shelf Management Programs to maintain and improve your in-store presentation including planogramming, pricing, and replenishment

  • Reduction of Out of Stocks, Improvement of space allocation, facings, stock weight and brand blocking

  • Delivery of in-store reporting that gives you total visability of what is happening with your brands in-store

  • Development of in-store relationships that give your brand exposure and support

Tactical or blitz merchandising
  • Speed to Shelf for promotional product distribution and new product launches

  • Installation of promotional displays and point of sale material including posters, bins, stands and new fixtures

  • Execution of pre sell, up sell and suggested order to improve buy-in and stock weight

  • Execution of in-store tie up for catalogues, promotions and other marketing

  • One off in-store fixes for urgent issue resolution

  • Seasonal in-store support for key trading periods

Specialised and tailored programs
  • Delivery of vendor refill programs to influence sales, including increases to ranging and distribution

  • In-store data collection including price auditing, range and display auditing, detailed product level data collection and category/competitor analysis

  • Direct to consumer sales and demonstration programs

  • Recruitment, selection and management of special purpose field teams including dedicated teams working exclusively for your brand

  • Mystery shopping campaigns and programs

  • Training programs for field teams, store staff and consumers

Major in-store works
  • Major planogramming and category relays

  • Teams of merchandisers for new stores and new fitouts

  • Blitz teams for specialised in-store resource requirements

Team Total

Team Total delivers a total solution for your retail needs.

Just imagine it - you arrive at work, ready for business, confident that out there in the field a merchandising plan strategically aligned and tailored to your specific needs is already at work.

Team Total, designed for retailers, is a complete solution utilising superior technology and specifically trained personnel to support your merchandising needs. It enables you to outsource some or all facets of your in-store merchandising needs to one company whose sole focus and core competency is just that...merchandising.

We know you work hard to maintain your brand and so will we - outsourcing your merchandising means you gain increased control across your outlets, improving and strengthening your retail brand.

Then there’s the cost savings through a more efficient use of in-store labour and increased sales through faster product placements. And did we mention our state of the art, leading edge technology to report and enhance store opportunities? It is, quite simply, the best in the business.

Think of it, you get one highly-skilled, dedicated merchandising team working for you, when you need them.

Our Field Capability

It’s true. Time is money. So at Sparfacts we make every minute count.

Every field program that we implement is tailored specifically to the needs of you, the client. Our versatile, sophisticated and fully integrated system ensures that even the most complex merchandising programs are distributed and executed seamlessly and monitored closely to ensure the best sales outcomes.

Whatever coverage model you need, we have the expertise, the people and the technology to achieve it.

Here’s what you get:

Outstanding Geographical Coverage

We have a merchandising force of over 500 highly trained staff located to provide a complete and thorough merchandising service to all major retail sites in Australia.

Speed to Market

Strong field force numbers and refined territories so that blitz tasks are achieved rapidly.

Our communication, deployment and reporting systems enable us to complete your retail work in a matter of days not weeks.

National new product rollouts can occur in just days.

Excellent Execution

Experienced team leaders and State Managers ensure the highest quality field execution.

Superior Training

Our internet based training programs enable fast, detailed and tested dissemination of campaign information.


Nobody else has a business like yours. We tailor our programs to suit you, so whatever coverage model you need, we have the capacity and the capability to achieve it. We work with you as well as for you to ensure the results you want.

Leading Edge Systems

Actually, it is rocket science.

Technically speaking, we are way ahead of the game. Quite simply, Sparfacts has the most advanced merchandising operation system in the industry. It is a fully automated, one stop, error free process that enables us to set up each project and follow through with store specific instructions, data collecting and client reporting.

And we don’t keep it to ourselves – our online, real-time reporting keeps you on track with your initiatives at all times. Dashboard summaries, maps, and full colour digital images are only a click away. Our fleet of over 120 robust and advanced handheld units allow a full suite of instore data to be sent in real time. The bottom line is that our fully integrated and automated interface allows you to find what you need, when you need it, 24/7 in a very user friendly format.

  • State-of-the-art reporting and flexibility
  • Online real-time reporting tools
  • Robust and advanced handheld units ensure speed and rapid resolution#
  • Graphical field execution progress maps show the status of every store
  • Full colour digital images enable you to see your POS instalments immediately
  • Dashboard summaries
  • Downloadable
  • Collated real time summaries
  • Audit reporting
  • Graphical interface with mapping
  • Communication
  • Issues tracking
  • Product data collection and trending
  • Fixture tracking
  • E-training
  • Demonstration stations
  • RFID technology

Sparfacts offer a suite of integrated web based reporting tools that enable real time visibility of your in-store environment. This includes:

Core reporting
  • Systems are real time so you see what we see, the moment it’s reported on.

  • Dashboard summaries with quick and easy links to detail, all easily exportable

  • Graphical field execution progress maps show the status of every store

  • Full colour digital images enable you to see your POS instalments immediately

  • Links to individual store detail and store card results

  • Tailored questions that provide you with exactly what you need in a timeframe that helps you utilise it to drive ongoing improvement

Integrated Applications
  • Product data collection and trending for SKU level tracking of OOS, Counts, Voids, Returns, orders, pricing etc

  • An in-store issues tracking system that ensures that any issues don't ever get lost in other reports waiting to be found. Our real time system enables us to drive rapid accountability and then track, trend and escalate any in-store issues until they are rapidly resolved

  • Being able to collect information from the field quickly and seamlessly is critical however it is just as important to be able to communicate to the field rapidly and efficiently to respond to changes in our dynamic retail environment. We utilise advanced systems that have all briefing material electronically distributed to a user specific interface and back that up with fleet SMS services, a messaging system and conference calls where required.

  • In addition to these applications we also utilise a suite of customisable reports and applications to ensure that we efficiently provide you with the greatest ROI possible.